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De la classe de 6° à la 3°
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International Secondary Institute

Continue your bilingual studies after CM2

ISI was created at the start of 2016 school year to allow students who have followed a bilingual primary curriculum to maintain and develop their level of English.
Designed for foreigners looking for an English-speaking establishment, for expatriates returning to France who wish to maintain a reinforced bilingual education or for French-speaking parents wishing to offer reinforced learning, particularly in language, our establishment meets the expectations of curious and enthusiastic young people.


A personalised welcome

International Secondary Institute or ISI
between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille

The International Secondary Institute is the secondary education for students aspiring to be happy, confident and increasingly independent secondary students. Motivated, they benefit from more learning time than the common core curriculum demands. Only 15 middle school students per class will be selected for students to benefit from individualised teaching and learning. .
In addition to the 3 annual parents’ evenings, the teaching team is in close contact with parents through the intranet..

A cohesive team

A bilingual college from year 7 to year 10 is referenced to the French National Education.

Leading the teaching team is Madame BOUDINET (CAPES of French), an experienced teacher who is keen to share her knowledge and understanding, leads a close team that supports the students daily. Cross- curricular learning (arts-French-history) consolidates the students’ learning.
Numerous educational outings illustrate the programs recommended by the French Ministry of Education.
School trips are planned abroad, across a variety of subjects.
Meetings with professionals are organised to discuss contemporary themes.
Reading is at the centre of our learning approaches. Our library contains the main themes covered in college: prehistory, antiquity, mythology, monotheistic religion and the middle ages etc. Literature develops the imagination and supports the development of critical thinking skills in our students.
We use workshop debates to tackle philosophical questions and give students a voice.


Continue your bilingual studies after CM2

ISI was created at the start of the school year, in 2016, to allow students who have followed a bilingual primary curriculum to maintain and develop their skills and attainment in english.

Because there is a need for continuity between primary and secondary, the year 7 class is the ideal bridge to transition students into the full secondary curriculum: it is part of cycle 3 where the disciplines are the same as in year 6 but it differs from elementary school in methodology. Personalised support considers each learner’s needs, consolidates the basics and prepares our young people to be well-prepared and equipped for the expectations in sixth form.
Passing the Brevet (the collective certificate covering all subjects equivalent to GCSE’s) is a proud moment for our year 10 students.
They begin to prepare for mocks in year 9 and receive tailored learning for a range of optional extra exams (KET, PET, B1, B2 in English or Spanish) and are actively encouraged to progress and succeed.


Off-site and residential learning during school visits

Because learning is discovering, our teachers regularly plan activities to approach concepts from a different angle and encourage students to assimilate skills in different ways.

Extra-curricular sports classes.

Sharing time, team building, exchanges, ecological projects, astronomy evenings, extra-curricular sport and cooking too.

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Andalusian stay

Practice the Spanish language by visiting World Heritage Sites (UNESCO), understand the challenges of civilizations, respect and celebrate difference. Visiting Seville and its Giralda, Granada and its Alhambra, Cordoba and its Mezquita, college students marvel, and we must not forget the Iberian gastronomy

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Museum of Pre-history

Enquiry into the evolution of the human species, learning how to make fire, practicing archery, understanding the techniques of excavation and archaeology, appreciation the cultural richness in our beautiful region

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Glanum :

Why did the Celts settle there? Guided tour of the ancient city, pottery workshop in the Greco-Roman style, reproducing pieces like 1600 years ago.

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Medieval tour in the city of King René

The town centre has vestiges from the Middle Ages. We look at Aix-en-Provence as town planners and understand its development as historians.

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Math Forum

A day spent solving group puzzles, attending workshops where mathematics is the star, where apparent magic and numbers pique our thinking.

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Quarry of Lights

Appreciate massive, over-sized art, discover artists and their contemporaries.

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Aeronautical Initiation Certificate

Introducing our year 10 students to the BIA (Brevet d'Initiation Aéronautique) gives them an insight into aeronautics. The experienced pilots help identify and explain the physics and technology involved by flying over Aix-en-Provence and its surroundings.

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Civic Emergency Prevention level 1 (PSC1)

We train our students in emergency, lifesaving first aid because every minute counts. This also includes Automated External Defibrillator.

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Liaising with professionals

Lawyers, doctors, authors, illustrators, entomologists, mathematicians, physicists, dancers to mention but a few

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The parent-teacher meetings will take place for each class on the dates indicated below. On this occasion, remember to reserve your time slot according to your availability, on Ecole Directe at the latest 24 hours before the meeting.

If you are unable to make yourself available, you can directly arrange an appointment with your child's teachers at a later date.

6 ème

Friday December 11
Friday March 19
Tuesday June 22
Start of meeting: 6:00 p.m.


5 ème

Friday December 04
Friday March 26
Friday June 18
Start of meeting: 6:00 p.m.


4 ème

Start of meeting: 6:00 p.m.


3 ème

Friday December 04
Friday March 26
Friday June 11
Start of meeting: 6:00 p.m.



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